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Apportunix Subscriptions

The Apportunix Subscriptions page provides an overview of all active and canceled subscriptions, and allows you to manage those or create new ones.


You can open the Apportunix Subscriptions page by using the Tell Me search feature
(Alt+Q, or click on the ‑icon in the top right corner).

Search Apportunix Subscriptions Page

Or, use the following button to directly open the page in Business Central:

Open the Apportunix Subscriptions page in Business Central

Creating a Subscription and Starting Your Trial Period

A new (trial) subscription can be created using the Create Subscription action.

Create Subscription Action

This action will open the subscription wizard.


A new subscription in a Production environment will start with a 14-day free trial period (unless otherwise stated).

First, select the product for which you would like to start a subscription, and choose Next.

Select Product in Wizard

Then, select the plan that you need. Note that you can use the Plans | View action to view further details for the selected plan.

The Trial Period (Days) field informs you about the duration of the free trial period that starts when you create the subscription. In this trial period you will not be charged for using the product, and you can freely cancel your subscription during this period. If you continue using the product after the trial period ends and do not cancel your subscription, it will change from a trial into an active subscription and billing will start.

Select Pricing/Plan in Wizard

After selecting a plan, choose Next.

In the next step, set up your account by entering your company details.

Set up Customer Account in Wizard


Please fill in your actual legal company name.

Please carefully check that the Company Name you entered matches the legal company name of your Tax ID to prevent payment issues later on.

Your account will be linked to the Business Central environment in your Microsoft Entra tenant from which you create the subscription.

Authentication Details


Please store the password you provided in a safe manner. If you lose it, you will not be able to manage your subscriptions on this environment, and must contact Support to reset it.

If multiple people need access to this password, consider storing it in a shared password vault to ensure only authorized personnel have access.

After entering your details, choose Next.

Payment Method Selection in Wizard

Specify if you want to reuse an payment method you set up earlier, or create a new one, and choose Next.

If you chose to set up a new payment method, you are now prompted to provide the relevant information. For setting up a credit card as payment method, enter your credit card details. Note that your payment information is processed and stored safely, in a PCI-compliant manner, by our payment provider Stripe, and Apportunix itself does not record or store any sensitive information about your payment method.

Set up Payment Method in Wizard

After setting up the payment method, choose Next.

In the next step you will get an overview of the information you provided. Please verify that the data is correct.

Overview Step in Wizard

If the data is correct, choose Next, or choose Back to make corrections.

If required, you may need to provide additional confirmation to set up the payment method in the next step. Please do so to proceed.

The subscription is now created.

Final Step of Wizard

You can exit the wizard by choosing Finish.

The subscription you created will show up in the Apportunix Subscriptions page.

Apportunix Subscriptions Page after Wizard Finished

You will see that the initial status of the subscription is Trialing, and you can see when the trial period started and when it will end in the Trial Start Date and Trial End Date fields respectively.

Change Payment Method

The Change Payment Method action allows you to change the payment method for the selected subscription.

You might need to do this if you have to set up a new credit card, for instance because the previous one is about to expire.

Change Payment Method Action

Change Payment Method - Set up new or reuse existing

Canceling a Subscription

A subscription can be canceled at any time using the Cancel Subscription action.

Cancel Subscription Action

This action will cancel the selected subscription.

A message will be shown to ask you for confirmation to cancel the subscription:

Confirm Cancellation Dialog

After you confirm, you will receive the following message:

Confirmation of Cancellation Message

After canceling the subscription you can keep using the subscription until the current invoicing period or trial period ends, indicated by the Cancel at Date field. The status of the subscription will remain unchanged until this date.

In the example below the subscription will end at the same date that the trial period ends.

Cancel at Date Example on Apportunix Subscriptions Page

Please remember to cancel your subscription(s) before you uninstall the extension(s). If you do not, your subscription will remain active and you may receive future invoices for your active subscription(s).

Please be aware

  • Uninstalling (an) Apportunix extension(s) from your environment will NOT cancel your active subscription(s). You will need to cancel your subscription(s) via the Apportunix Subscriptions page in the relevant Business Central Production environment.
  • After you've canceled a subscription, you can keep using the subscription until the end of the current invoicing or trial period, indicated by the Cancel at Date field value.

  • If you have canceled your subscription, and have payments that are unpaid/past due, you will NOT be able to start a new subscription until these payments are settled.

  • If you already had a trial period for a product, you will NOT be able to start a new trial period for the same product. You can start a new trial period for other Apportunix products you have not trialed before.
  • Please contact us using the Contact page on our website if you have any questions or need assistance.

Last update: January 2, 2024